Dear Friends and Neighbours,

I am Endorsing my good friend and neighbour Tito-Dante Marimpietri to be your Regional and City Councillor for Ward 2. Tito and I served the community side by side on Council for 2 terms, working to realize the exciting growth and progress of our city. I found Tito to be a tireless worker for his constituents and a problem-solving innovator on Council issues, who always has the best interest of the community in mind and at heart. On October 22nd Vote to Re-Elect Tito-Dante Marimpietri as our hard working and experienced Regional and City Councillor for Ward 2.

Joe Kolodzie,

Regional and City Councillor with over 25 years of Respected Council Service


Tito-Dante Marimpietri was an extremely hard worker on behalf of all citizens of Oshawa, both at City Hall and in the Regional Council Chambers. He is dedicated to ensuring all current and future issues affecting you are dealt with in an open and transparent manner, while protecting the overall best interests of all parties involved in the process. As your Councillor, he represented Airport Neighbourhoods concerns with diligence and effectiveness. Elect Tito-Dante Marimpietri with you Vote on October 22nd.

Elizbeth and Doug Thompson,

Co-Chair and Spokesperson of The Oshawa Airport Neighbourhood Association (CORE),

AND Respected Long-time Oshawa Residents


Tito-Dante is an exemplary human being – who has emerged even as such a young man, as one of Oshawa’s and Durham’s ablest and most respected leaders.

Dr. Gary Polonsky,

Former President of Durham College and Founding President of UOIT


It is my honour and pleasure to Endorse Tito-Dante Marimpietri. Tito-Dante is a proud supporter and ambassador for our kids sporting activities. Tito-Dante was integral in our 10 year fight to keep Harman Park Arena open and build new facilities for kids and seniors such as Legends Centre, Campus Ice, General Motors/Tribute Centre, New Civic Sports Centre, South Oshawa Community Centre, New Donovan Renovations and many local neighbourhood Parks Modernizations. Tito-Dante always acts with integrity, caring, and thoughtfulness – traits that are natural to hi, and very useful during City Council deliberations. Tito-Dante has a proven track record and his leadership and thoughtfulness will be evident in applying decision-making for Oshawa in future years.

Kathy and Bob Babin,

Chair Oshawa NASA and Oshawa Taxpayers

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